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Apparel Garments production is the last process of textile production. Garments production is the heart of textile production. Garments production includes the production of production of finished apparel garments. An apparel garments production system is an integration of materials handling, production processes, personnel, and equipment that directs work flow and generates finished garments products. Three types of production systems commonly used to mass produce apparel are:

-Progressive bundle system
-Unit Production System
-Modular Garments Production System
-Combined garments Production System

Each system of garments production requires an appropriate management philosophy, materials handling methods, floor layout for garments spreading, and employee training. Firms may combine or adapt these systems to meet their specific garments production needs. Firms may use only one production system, a combination of systems for one product line, or different systems for different product lines in the same plant.

Objectives of garments production system:
 -Examine the characteristics of different types of apparel production systems
 -Compare and contrast the different production systems
 -Evaluate and critically compare the use of systems in different contexts
 -Summarize the benefits of the different garments production systems 

Progressive Bundle Production System:
The progressive bundle system of apparel  production is called from the bundles of garment parts that are forward sequentially from process to process. It is needed to complete a specific operation or component. For example neck join is a single process, for bundle system an operator will join neck of full bundle then it will forward to another operator.  READ MORE(.........)

Unit Production System
A unit production system is a type of line feeding that uses an overhead transporter system to forward apparel parts from work station to work station for assembly. All the components for a single garment are advanced through the production line together by means of a hanging carrier that travels along an overhead conveyor. READ MORE(...........)

Modular Garments Production System
A modular garments production system is a contained, manageable work unit that includes an empowered work team, equipment, and work to be executed. Modules frequently operate as mini-factories with teams responsible for group goals and self-management. The number of teams in a plant varies with the size and needs of the firm and product line in garments. READ MORE(..........)

Combinations of Garments Production Systems
Some firms may use the progressive bundle system for producing small parts combined with modular production for garment assembly. This reduces the investment in specialized equipment and reduces the team size needed. Some industry consultants believe that a modular system combined with a unit production system provides the most flexibility, fastest throughput, and most consistent quality. This would be particularly useful for large items such as coveralls or heavy coats. The UPS would move the garment instead of the operators. Each manufacturer needs to determine what is best for its product line and production requirements.

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