Friday, May 31, 2013

Work Instructions for Trial Samples of garments

Sample is very important part of garments manufacturing technology. All of the instruction and requirement are practically get from a garments sample. Most of the sample is made very carefully with a multi skill operator. It must be approved by buyer.

1.0 Purpose & scope:
2 Pieces of the trial samples of every style are made to get the technical know how of the constructions of the style and to show the same to the middle management in the sewing section.
To identify critical & new operations for further training.

2.0 Responsibilities:
It is the Sewing In Charge responsibility to maintain all the trial samples & to provide the necessary training to the Line QC, supervisors, and workers.

3.0 Procedure
3.1 Before the pre-production meeting starts the Sewing In Charge gets the fabric cut panels from the cutting department.
3.2 Sewing In Charge will assign 2 trial samples to the respective Line QCs for sewing as per customer-approved sample. The Manager – Quality Control will verify the samples (for construction only) against the customer-approved samples.
3.3 If training required for vital operations associated with the style, to commence training immediately.
4.0 Related Resources
1. Customer approved sample.
2. Cut panels

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