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Procedure for Garments Store according to ISO

1.0 Purpose & Scope
To maintain a simplified, organized system of monitoring goods received, proper handling & safe storage of the same in the store and maintaining accurate records of all related documents needed in performing those duties.

2.0 Responsibilities
The Store In-Charge is responsible for directing all the activities relating to this instruction.

3.0 Procedure
3.1 Demand of Goods
3.1.1 After receiving the Store Requisition (STR/3/01) form the Departments, Store In-Charge will check the stocks if the required items are there they will be issued.
3.1.2 Incase the goods are not available; Store In-Charge will prepare Store Purchase Requisition (STR/3/03) and will forward to the accounts department for purchase.

3.2 Receiving Goods
3.2.1 Order wise goods (Fabrics & Accessories) are received against the work order copy send by the Merchandising Department. Spare parts & other stationery items are received against the Store Purchase Requisition (STR/3/03). 
3.2.2 Upon receipt of the Fabrics, Spare parts and Accessories items Store In-Charge prepares Inventory Report (STR/3/02). Then he informs the concerned department head regarding goods arrival. 
3.2.3 Fabrics are received by the Store In-Charge and kept in the receiving area or identified as “Under Inspection”. QC department is informed to carry out the inspection and checks the fabrics against their requirement. After inspections are carried out QC personnel prepare Good Receiving Note (STR/3/04) and send a copy to the merchandiser if the fabrics are OK or NOT. After receiving Goods Receiving Note (STR/3/04), Store In-Charge will keep the fabrics in a designated place using identification tags (Order No. & Buyer Name) and he also updates the Stock Ledger (STR/3/05) for Fabrics. 
3.2.4 Upon receipt of the Spare parts and Accessories items, concerned department will come & check weather the items are as per requirement or not and they will prepare Goods Receiving Note (STR/3/04) for those items and give the final acceptance for storing the goods. Store In-Charge keep the items in a designated place using identification tags and also updates the Stock Ledger (STR/3/06 & STR/3/07) for Spare Parts & Accessories separately.
3.2.5 The Store In-Charge will check stationary items against their quantity & physical conditions by himself. No Good Receiving Note will be maintained for stationery items. If he founds the stationery items in good shape and in right quantity, he will update the items in the Stock Ledger (STR/3/08) and will keep those items in their designated place. 
3.2.6 If any items found defective or not as per quantity, defective items should be segregated and identified as “Rejected” and merchandiser or purchase department will be informed immediately for necessary action.
3.2.7 Copy of all Goods Receiving Note (STR/3/04) is forwarded to merchandising and accounts department for necessary action.

3.3 Issue
3.3.1 Goods are issued against Store Requisition (STR/3/01) duly approved by the Factory Manager or Production Manager. After every issue the Stock Ledgers are updated.
3.3.2 Store In-Charge issues machine Spare parts after he receives the old parts.

3.4 Handling and Storage Instruction
3.4.1 Stationary items are kept on suitable storage racks.
3.4.2 All Fabrics are segregated and identified by Order No. or Buyer Name And kept in pre-determined areas for easy reference and quick supply. 
3.4.3 All the fabrics are covered to protect the same from dust or flying insects.

3.5 Stock Condition Assessment 
3.5.1 Condition of stock in store is assessed on yearly basis.
3.5.2 Any item found damaged or deteriorated is segregated and disposed off accordingly.
3.5.3 Concerned Departmental Heads are consulted to assess if the goods can be used or not.
3.5.4 List of obsolete / unusable items is prepared and submitted to the Managing Director for disposal.

4.0 Related Documents
Store Requisition                              STR/3/01
Store Inventory Sheet                       STR/3/02
Store Purchase Requisition                STR/3/03
Goods Receiving Note                      STR/3/04
Stock Ledger (Fabrics)                     STR/3/05
Stock Ledger (Spare Parts)              STR/3/06
Stock Ledger (Accessories)              STR/3/07
Stock Ledger (Stationery)                 STR/3/08

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