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Procedure for Garments Measuring And Monitoring Devices based on ISO

1.0 Objective
This procedure ensures that appropriate Inspection, Measuring and Test Equipment are identified, calibrated, preserved, controlled and maintained.

2.0 Scope
Applies to all Inspection, Measuring and Test equipment (IM&T) used in Muazuddin Textile Limited

3.0 Responsibility
Manager Quality control shall ensure appropriate control, calibration and maintenance of inspection, Measuring and Test equipment.

4.0 Procedure
4.1 Identification:

4.1.1 All the measuring and monitoring devices which are used in Swan Garments Limited Will be identified with unique identification number.

4.1.2 Location of measuring equipments is done by the following codes:
 - QC Quality Control department
 - PR Production department

4.1.3 The identification number will be indicated on all measuring equipment by affixing of sticker, permanent ink pen or any other suitable indicator.

4.1.4 All those equipment that do not require calibration will be identified with a sticker showing ‘CNR’ (Calibration Not Required).

4.2 Master List of All Inspection Measuring & Test (IMT) Equipment

4.2.1 A master list of Measuring and Monitoring Devices shall be maintained by the QC Manager.

4.2.2 The Master List shall include Equipment Name, Equipment ID, Location, Model (If available), Range / Capacity, Calibration Frequency & Calibration done by.

4.3 Calibration Type
4.3.1 External Calibration Out-side calibration services agencies will be approved by the top management. Before approval, top management will ensure that calibration agency has appropriate accredited standards, which are traceable to any national/international standards. Person responsible for calibration will send the equipment to calibration agency in proper packages or he will inform the concerned agency to send their engineers to our premises for calibration/maintenance what so ever is required. Upon receiving the equipment from calibration agency, he will make sure that “Calibration Status Sticker” is pasted on equipment. This sticker shows the date of calibration and next due date. He will also ensure that the calibration agency has sent a calibration certificate along with each equipment. He will maintain records of these certificates.

4.3.2 In House Calibration The person responsible will perform the in-house calibration in a controlled environment, if required. All the in-house calibration will be performed according to appropriate calibration procedures. After performing calibration, he will affix the calibration status sticker, indicating the date of calibration, next due date and the signature of the person who performs the calibration as shown below:

Calibration Sticker

Equipment ID _______________ Sig. ____________________

Calibration Date_____________ Next Due Date_____________ He will also maintain the record in calibration data card.

4.4 Calibration Interval
4.4.1 The person responsible for calibration with co-ordination of concerned department head will decide the interval of different equipment on the basis of their sensitivity / usage or on advice of manufacturer (if any).

4.4.2 He will increase or decrease the calibration interval of equipment on the basis of calibration results.

4.5 Action Taken when Calibration Results are not satisfactory.
4.5.1 If calibration results are found out of tolerance (Accuracy required), the user/person who has performed the calibration will immediately inform the concerned department about the results.

4.5.2 Concern department head will take actions to validate the previous inspection made from this equipment, if possible.

4.5.3 He will also consider the effects of these not satisfactory results on the quality of the final product.

5.0 Related Documents
Master List of Measuring and Monitoring Devices
External Calibration Certificates
Calibration Data Card (In-house Calibration)
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