Friday, May 31, 2013

Garments Working Environment check list according to Compliance Based on ISO

01. The Facility Floor, Storage area is clean and well maintained?
02. Has white wash or color wash taken place at least in the last 18 months?
03. Is the facility well lit and well ventilated. Are there windows and sufficient fans in all working areas for adequate circulation, ventilation & temperature control?
04. Are there exhaust fans in the production floor to prevent accumulation of fumes and dust?
05. Is there sufficient work surface lighting in production areas-such as cutting, sewing and pressing?
06. Is there sufficient work drinking water available on the work floor and are there means for cooling the water in summer?
07. Are their sufficient toilets available to the workers (at least 1: 25)?
08. Are the toilets functioning and clean?
09. Are exhaust fans provided in the toilets?
10. Exits are visibly marked and exit doors are working properly?
11. Exit doors and aisles are not blocked even temporarily?
12. Emergency lights are installed above exits and staircase and are properly charged?
13. Staircases are unobstructed and free of carton and boxes?
14. Doors which are not to be used as an exit are posted with a “NOT AN EXIT” sign (i.e. in the language to be understood by all workers)?
15. Exit lead directly to open space and safe access to a public way?
16. Exit floors are not tripping hazard and potential tripping hazard is posted with “Watch your step” sign?
17. Fire extinguishers are visibly marked, properly labeled, mounted and charged and also show the date of their last inspection?
18. Fire alarms are working and found on all floors?
19. There is battery back up alarm system, manual alarm system or electric alarm system?
20. Electrical boxes, circuit breakers and outlets are:
                      a. Covered
                      b. Posted with “DANGER” sign?
21. Circuit breakers are properly labeled to identify equipment it disconnects?
22. Electrical boxes and circuit breakers:
                     a. Are kept free of obstruction
                     b. Covers are closed?
23. Flammables are stored in a separate storage area?
24. Electrical equipment are:
In an enclosed area or approved cabinet
Has sufficient space around it for safe operation / maintenance?
25. Electrical equipment area / enclosure is not used as a storage area?
26. Generator room not used as a storage area (old machinery, discarded boxes etc.)?
27. Personal protective equipment available e.g. hand gloves for cutting section, mask for sand brushing, goggles for buttoning section etc.?
28. Well-stocked first aid kit available on each floor and staff trained in basic first aid.
29. Is a notice affixed in every floor naming the person in charge of the first aid box?
30. Evacuation Plan posted and clearly marked?
31. There is no form of physical abuse, including threats of violence, sexual harassment, screaming at workers or other verbal abuse?
32. Sufficient sand and reserved water available for fire fighting?
33. Is there a canteen for the employees?
34. Is there a prayer room for the employees?
35. Are there any broken needles, metal pieces lying on the floor and is the same removed?
Are needle logbook maintained? 

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