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Control of Non-conforming product in garments manufacturing

-  To provided a system for evaluating defective products
-  Evaluating the cause of defects and eliminate the nonconformity.
-  Creating a permanent solution that prevents recurrence of problems.

All non-conforming fabrics, accessories, packing materials are purchased and garments are made by Muazuddin Textile Limited.

Merchandising Manager, Factory Manager, Production Manager, Quality Control Manager, Cutting In-charge, Finishing In-charge, Store In-charge, Quality Inspectors & Maintenance In-charge are responsible for following this procedure.

4.1 In-coming product
4.1.1 If products (fabrics, accessories, washing, packaging materials & spare parts) do not meet the specification are stored separately from the conforming products and identified as “Non-conforming Product”
4.1.2 Store In charge prepares Non-conforming Report and submits it to the Production Manager/Quality Control Manager.

4.1.3 Production Manager /QC Manager review the non-conformity product and give disposition decision after discussing with the respective merchandiser & Factory Manager.
4.1.4 Store-In charge disposes the material as per decision taken by the Factory Manager or by the respective Merchandiser.

4.2 In Process Non-conforming material /products (Cutting)
4.2.1 If any discrepancy identified during marker inspection then marker is segregated and recorded in Spreading Quality Report. Identified Non-conforming marker is rectified as per the specification and cutting quality inspector re-checks the marker.
4.2.2 Identified non-conforming items are segregated during Cutting Quality Inspection and Panel check. The acceptable components are stored for making another size. The components which are not acceptable will be treated as rejected or destroyed or stored as stock lot. Cutting QC Inspector / Quality Control Manager is responsible to give disposition decision on identified non-conforming items.
4.3 In-process Non-conforming material/product (Sewing)
4.3.1 Non-conforming garments identified by Quality Inspector during the complete garments checking (100% garments).
4.3.2 The defective items sent back to line for re-work. Garments which are not re-workable shall be rejected and segregated. Disposition record of such is maintained in the same form in the comments column
4.3.3 Operators will correct the non-conformity. Record of disposition shall be maintained in respective checking record form. The corrected garments will be re-inspected in normal routine process.

4.4 Finished Garments

4.4.1 Non-conforming finished garments are identified during inspection in finishing area and recorded in the inspection report.

4.4.2 Non-conforming finished garments may be disposed as per decision of the Quality Control Manager /Production Manager. The decision may be as follows:

• Repaired, inspected and shipped to original buyer
• Repaired and sold to another buyer as stock lot in concession
• Destroy which are not repairable

4.5 Non-conformity identified after shipment
If any non-conformity is identified after shipment of the garments by Muazuddin Textile Limited. The Factory Manager or Merchandiser will immediately notify the buyer via e-mail, Fax or Telephone.

4.6 Records
Non-Conforming Report
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