Friday, June 7, 2013

Procedure For Management Review in Garments


To ensure that all relevant information regarding the operation of the quality management system is conveyed to executive management, so that appropriate decisions can be made concerning the effectiveness and suitability of the system.


This procedure applies to the review conducted by the top management of Muazuddin Textile to check effectiveness of the quality system.

The Management Representative is responsible for directing the organizational aspects of this procedure. Other responsibilities are as indicated.


4.1 Management review meetings are held quarterly till certification after that twice a year.

4.2 The following personnel participate in the meeting:

• Managing Director

• Factory Manager

• Management Representative

• Production Manager

• QC Manager

• Any other people requested by committee members

4.3 Meetings are chaired by the Managing Director or Factory Manager.

4.4 The meeting agenda includes:

• Business arising from the last meeting

• Review of Quality Policy & Quality objectives

• Customer feedback & Customer Complaint

• Process performance & product conformity

• Corrective & preventive action requests

• Results of internal audits

• Resource requirements

• Any other matter relating to the quality management system

4.5 The meeting agenda is distributed to all participants, at least two days prior to the meeting date, via Notification of Management Review (MR/3/05).

4.6 Minutes of the meeting are recorded and distributed to participants within five days of the meeting – Management Review Minutes (MR/3/06).

4.7 The progress of actions arising from the review is monitored to ensure effective implementation.

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