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Procedure For Human Resources (HR) & Training for Garments industry

To identify, provide and track employee-training requirement, for all employees in the organization.

This procedure is applicable for all the employees of the organization

The administrative manager is responsible to follow this procedure & MR monitors the update status of the activities.
4.1Hiring of Personnel
The job requirements and specifications for a position (e.g., minimum qualification, experience and other requirements related to the job position) are defined in the concerned Job Description.

The requirement for any hiring is identified by Factory Manager / concerned departmental head. The request for new hiring is communicated to Factory Manager through Personnel Requisition form.

Factory Manager reviews and assesses the legitimacy and validity of the new hiring and makes recommendations for the new hiring. The requisition is then forwarded to Managing Director for approval of new hiring.

After approval, the position is advertised in the notice board or local newspapers. In addition, personnel having any reference may be directly contacted. The candidates are asked to submit their CVs/bio-data.

The bio-data are scrutinized and short-listed by Administration Department basis on the requirements of the job position. Short-listed candidates are issued call for interview.

A panel of interviewer is formed to interview and assess the candidates. The interview panel consists of following members:

n Managing Director / Executive Director / Director
n Factory Manager
n Admin Manager
n Concerned Departmental Head

The candidate is initially hired on temporary basis for a 3 (three) month’s probationary period after which his/her performance is reviewed and assessed by his departmental head. In case of satisfactory performance, he is hired on permanent basis. This rule may not be applicable for hiring operators / helpers /workers.
Administration Department maintains the personal files (including operators and inspectors) of personnel which includes their bio-data, credentials and training records.

4.2 Training and Skill Development
4.2.1 Orientation to New Employees
· Orientation of new employees includes:
· Orientation on administrative policies (e.g., working hours, leaves, medical, disciplinary policies)
· Understanding of Quality Policy
· Understanding of job responsibilities and authorities
· On-job training

After the joining of the new employee, Administrative Manager/ Concern Departmental Head initiate the orientation of employee by filling in the Training Record. The employee is first given orientation on administrative policies and quality policy by MR. The training is recorded on Training Record form.

4.1.1. Continual Identification of Training Needs
Training needs of employees are continually identified by their departmental heads/in-charges as a result of following developments:
n Changes in services or operations;
n New or revised procedures, or changes in the quality policy;
n Inadequate performance of individuals or groups of personnel.
n Results of internal quality audits;
n Corrective/Preventive Actions

Based on these identified training needs, Admin Manager Plans and arranges internal training sessions of employees. Training records of concerned persons are updated.

4.1.2.External Training
Admin Manager contacts various external training courses, if they feel that this training will be helpful for the employee.

After completion of course, the concerned person submits a copy of course certificate to Administration department. These certificates are filed in the personal record and the training records of concerned employees are updated.

4.2. Performance Evaluation
At the end of each year, employee initiates the performance evaluation of company’s personnel. Accordingly, Performance Evaluation forms of personnel are sent to the concerned departmental heads.

Performance results for the previous year are assessed based on the following criteria:
n Company’s objectives
n Achievement of specific tasks
n Completion of assignments
n Management’s expectations

In addition, the improvement areas and the corresponding training requirements for next year are also identified. The evaluation forms duly filled are sent back to Admin department.

Employee compiles the training requirements identified in the evaluation forms and prepares a tentative annual Training Plan. The training plan is thoroughly reviewed by concerned departmental heads and approved by MR.

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