Friday, June 7, 2013

Internal Quality Audit of Garments


To ensure that each department works according to the Quality Management System.


This procedure applies to all internal audit activities within the departments participating in the quality system.

The MR of Muazzuddin Texttile Limited is responsible for the preparation of audit schedules and selecting independent auditors for all departments. The Auditor is responsible for audit and follow up procedures.

4.1.1 All departments will be audited at least once in a year. Audits of any or all departments may be carried out more frequently on the advice of Chief Executive /Management Representative or as a result of previous audits.

4.1.2 MR of the organization with his coordinator prepares the Internal Quality Audit Schedule on yearly basis which contains the audit dates and name of the auditors. The schedule is presented to all department Heads.

4.1.3 In case of any change Internal Quality Audit Schedule MR/3/09 may be revised and reissued.
4.1 Audit

4.2.1 Auditor/audit team perform audit, conducts opening meeting with auditee/ departmental head and note down audit results.

4.2.2 Detail of persons interviewed, documents checked and other audit activities are recorded on Audit Activity Log, MR/3/10.

4.2.3 Any nonconformity found during the audit is reported on Nonconformity Report, MR/3/11. Department heads will decide on corrective action and target dated.

4.2.4 For each audit, an Audit Summary Report, MR/3/12 is prepared.

4.2.5 The non conformities are discussed with the auditee in a closing session after conducting the audit and copy of the non-conformity reports are also presented to the auditee on the same day. The auditor prompts the auditee for review of the non conformities raised and agrees on the corrective action and target date suggested by the auditee.

4.2.6 In case of disagreement over a non conformity between Auditors and Auditee, the issue is finally resolved by the Management Representative.

4.2.7 Copy of Audit Summary Report may be provided to the Auditee while original is retained by MR.

4.2.8 In case of second party audit the same procedure is adapted and same reports are used.

4.3 Follow up:

4.3.1 Follow up audit is conducted either by the auditor who conducted the first audit or by other independent auditor assigned by MR, thereby closing NC forms by target dates as stated in.

4.3.2 If in the follow up audit it is observed that action taken on any nonconformity is not effective or not taken then a Corrective & Preventative Action Form, MR/3/07 is raised.

4.3.3 For statistical purposes as an aid to improvement, the Audit Statistics Report, MR/3/13 is completed for each audit.

4.4 Second Party Audit

4.4.1 The second party audits are done by the consultant or any approved source, which is independent of the activities of the organization. The records are maintained as per this procedure.

4.4.2 The Management Representative is responsible for the follow up.

5.0 Related Documents

Internal Quality Audit Schedule (MR/3/09)

Audit Activity Log (MR/3/10)

Non Conformity Report (MR/3/11)

Audit Summary Report (MR/3/12)

Audit Statistics Report (MR/3/13)

CPA Request Form (MR/3/07)

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