Sunday, August 5, 2012

Introduction to work study and productivity improvement technique in textile and apparel garments Industry

Introduction to work study and productivity improvement technique:

Bangladesh has gone through an unprecedented growth of export oriented apparel garments industry. The growth rate is spectacular if seen from the view point that development in any other sector of industry was sluggish and of basic sector in particular, was negative and has been a source of drain on our resources.
At the starting garments business with a handful of units in 1978-1980, the clothing sub sector now comprises more than 43300 units and readymade apparel garments export value worth USD 6.40 billion.
Production of yarn, knit fabric, woven fabric, clothing and readymade garments items is rather a very complex job under a lot of pressure points. Added to the particular complexity and unique feature of apparel garments production there is the lack of appropriate management techniques.
Apparel garments and textile industry in this country are said to be not competitetive because of a host of reason. Many experts speculate with rational that with the withdrawal of quota protection. Apparel factories may find them in a deep hole unless some breakthrough takes place in the following areas:
1.    Shorting of lead time for producing apparel garments product.
2.    Effecting substantial improvement in productivity and quality of textile and garments items.
3.    Improvement of infrastructure
4.    Existence of due political stability
5.    Improvement of compliance status
Out of the mentioned measure the easiest one is the improvement of productivity and quality so as to be become competitive with the most difficult countries like china India Pakistan Vietnam countries of sub-saharan Africa and NAFTA ets.
A number of measures should be undertaken to substantially improve productivity of a textile or garments industry. The first and foremost measure to be implemented is introduction of work study principles in the apparel garments textile and dyeing industries.
Work study is a proper and specific management technique that introduce and determines standard time required to complete a job and discovers the best method and technique to accomplish the job in the easiest and cheapest way. As manual work abounds in the apparel industries work study is the only way to stipulate a time frame to complete each particular job. Work study is the only way to stipulate a time frame to complete each job.  Work study also specifies the right method of doing the job. Thus it helps enhance production productivity to the desired production level.
This also illustrates Work study principles as applied to the apparel, textile dyeing, knitting and woven industries. Besides, the further topics deal with all of the other techniques, concepts, methods, technology necessary for improving productivity of the apparel garments industry. The total work study articles has been designed bilingual so that diverse categories of people like entrepreneurs, managers, officers, and supervisors can make use of those.   It has been designed to be suitable for novices as well. This is a Teach Yourself type guideline. Examples given those articles are taken from real life circumstances. It will be a source of great joy if this effort of the author can in any way, contribute to improving productivity in apparel industries of this countries.
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