Monday, June 3, 2013

Procedure for Administration in garments industry

1.                   Purpose & Scope:
To develop an effective system this identifies and evaluates the health and the working environment of the company. Production unit comes with in the scope of this work Instruction.
2.                   Responsibilities:
The Administration Manager & MR is responsible for directing the activities relating to this work instruction.

3.                   Procedure:

3.1                Medical History:

                                                            When ever any employee will be hired for Muazuddin Textile Limited the doctor will check the
Worker and will prepare the Medical History Card of the worker.

3.1.2     Doctor will examine the worker weather he / she has any history of such a disease, which is transferable like hepatitis T.B etc, or not if any of the person carries such a diseases Doctor will inform the Admin dept.

3.1.3     No such person will be employed in Muazuddin Textile Limited who carries such a disease, which is transferable.

3.1.4     Every three months doctor will examine all employees and will keep the history of the worker in the Medical History Card (ADM/3/01).

3.1.5     Medical History Card will be kept in every employees file.

3.1.6     If the Medical History Card is not properly maintained Admin Manager should raise a CPA to inform & take necessary initiative by the higher management.

3.2                Working Environment:

3.2.1                                               On monthly bases Admin Dept. or MR will check the working condition and the environment of
The factory.

3.2.2     During the visit Admin Manager will prepare the working Environment Check list (ADM/3/02).

3.2.3     Admin Manager can raise CPA if he founds working environment unsatisfactory.

4.                   Related Documents:

Medical History Card                                                     ADM/3/01

Working Environment Check List                                  ADM/3/02


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