Friday, September 7, 2012

Sewing machine; Comparison between Pegasus sewing machine and Yamato sewing machine.

Pegasus and Yamato are the world class brand, both company are produce world class sewing machine. Both company have Single needle lockstitch sewing machine, 2 needle lockstitch sewing machine, Overlock sewing machine, Flatlock sewing machine, Feed of the arm sewing machine,Button hole and button attach sewing machine and many more. I am going to compare between Pegasus sewing machine and Yamato garments sewing machine. 

Sewing Machine type
Pegasus  Sewing Machine
Yamato   Sewing Machine
Over lock/ neck join Sewing Machine
Normal neck join sewing machine of Pegasus is easy to operate and handle. It is easy to learn for an operate. Production rate high.
To install neck sewing machine joint three persons (technical manager, sr. service engineer, service engineer) take three days. From this point of I think that mechanical function of m/c this difficult and which may take long time to repair (if necessary) for a mechanics. Beside this it difficult to an operator to operate and production rate is lower than others.

Over lock m/c
Normal over lock of Pegasus is easy to operate. Its motor speed is high & production rate is also high. Over lock width can be increase at maximum label. It can fulfill every buyer requirement.
This  sewing machine is good. It can be easily operate and user friendly. Its production rate is less than others but its production quality is good. If it is in operation, alter quantity will be reduced.

Flat lock m/c or bottom hem m/c
Motor speed is high. Easy to operate. Production rate is also high (230-260 pcs)/hr.

For bottom hem operation always needs to keep hand above the m/c bed which makes an operator uncomfortable. If operator keeps hand below then body hem cut, hem makes with raw-edge & sometimes occurs puckering. And its production rate is less then others (170-200 pcs)/hr.
Back tape m/c
Pegasus has no back tape sewing machine.
This  sewing machine is good enough for back tape attach than others. But technical manager told that this m/c can not be idle i.e. by adding extra parts or accessories it can be used for body hem, neck t/s, arm hole t/s etc. But they did not show it.

If thread cut in Yamato sewing machine it requires spanner to wear thread and time consuming but in others m/c no spanner to wear thread, which save time. Personally I have talked to maintenance manager of Inter Stop and Dulal Brothers about Yamato sewing machine. They told me that Pegasus sewing machine is better than Yamato sewing machine because parts of this machine are not available, costly and can be purchased from their agent.

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