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Process Wise Quality Defected Point of garments in appeal garments industry

There are many defects introduced to produce a garment in garments industry. The operator of garments pressured to produce a garment by the supervisor. That’s why it is possible to make any quality defects. This quality defects could be classified as critical defect, major defect and minor defect. Critical defect of garments could be summarized as those defective goods that do not comply with buyer’s safety requirements for babies and children’s wear. The major defect of garments could be defined as the defect is noticeable to the customer and visible when using the goods. The defect is not noticeable to the customer and not visible when using it is known as minor defect of garments manufacturing. Only the process wise defect identified in the garments by garments quality controllers is described bellow.

1. Defects in shoulder joint of garments:
  -Curve at Shoulder.
  -Tension loose At Shoulder.
  -Tension Tight At Shoulder.
  -Needle Cut At Shoulder Joint & Top Stitch.
  -Dirty Spot At Shoulder.
  -Shading at Back & Front Part.
  -Thread Shading At Shoulder Joint & Top Stitch.
  -Puckering At Shoulder.
  -Tension Loose At Shoulder Joint.

2. Defects in Neck Rib Joint of garments:
  -Uneven At Neck rib Width.
  -Shading At Neck rib joint.
  -Broken stitch at neck Rib joint.
  -Skip /Drop Stitch At Neck Joint &Top Stitch.
  -Puckering at neck Rib joint.
  -Pleated at neck Rib joint.
  -Needle Cut/ hole at neck Rib joint.
  -Center Out At Main/Size Label.
  -Not Position At Care Label.
  -Size Mistake At Size Label.
  -Tension Loose At Neck Rib Joint.                           

3. Defects in Sleeve joint and Top stitch of garments:
  -Size Mistake At Sleeve.
  -Pleated at Armhole.
  -Needle Cut/ hole at sleeve joint.
  -Shape uneven at sleeve joint.
  -Skipped stitch at sleeve joint.
  -Up-Down at sleeve joint.
  -Up-Down at under Arm Length.
  -Un-Even at arm hole top Stitch.
  -Shading At Sleeve /Back/Front Part.
  -Dirty Spot At Sleeve/ Back & Front Part.
  -Oil Spot At Sleeve /Back & Front Part.
  -Bundle Mistake At Sleeve Back& Front Part.
  -Tension Loosen At Sleeve Joint /Topstitch.

4. Defects in Side Seam of garments:
  -Curve at side Seam.
  -Needle Cut/Hole At Side Seam.
  -Dirty Spot At Side Seam.
  -Oil Spot At Side Seam.
  -Broken stitch at side seam.
  -Drop/Skip stitch at side seam.
  -Up-Down at Armhole Point.
  -Uneven At Side Top Stitch.
  -Tension Loose At Side Seam.

5. Defects in Body Hem & Sleeve Hem of garments:
  -Broken stitch at body Hem.
  -Uneven At Body hem.
  -Needle Cut/Hole At Body Hem.
  -Raw Edge At Body Hem.
  -Skip/drop stitch at body Hem.
  -Dirty / Oil spot at body & sleeve Hem.
  -Tension Loose At Body/Sleeve Hem.

6. Defects in Cuff joint make & Top stitch of garments:   
  -Skip / Drop at cuff make stitch.
  -Uneven at cuff topsin/ top stitch.
  -Uneven At cuff joint.
  -Point Up-Down at cuff joint.
  -Skip/ Drop at cuff joint top Stitch.
  -Shape uneven at cuff.
  -Size mistake at cuff.
  -Pair Mistake at cuff.
  -Oil Spot At Cup.
  -Dirty Spot At Cup.
  -Tension Loose At Joint/Top stitch.

7. Defects in Collar Joint Top sine & Make of garments:
  -Drop stitch at collar make /joint/ Top stitch.
  -Up-Down at collar point.
  -Uneven at notch point.
  -Up-Down at hala point.
  -Uneven at band top stitch.
  -Uneven at collar shape.
  -Tension Loose At Collar Joint/Make/ Top stitch.
  -Drop Stitch At Band Top stitch.                                       

8. Defects in Placket Joint & Topsin (Top stitch) of garments:
  -Slanted at Placket joint.   
  -Placket is not middle on garments.
  -Up-Down at Placket notch.
  -Uneven at Placket box.
  -Displace at button.
  -Tension Loose At Placket Joint & Topstitch.
  -Dirty Spot At Placket.
  -Oil Spot At Placket.

9. Defects in Button holing and button attach of garments:
  -Half stitch at button.
  -Fals stitch at button.
  -Insiquite button.
  -Reject at button.
  -Style Mistake At Button.
  -Tension Loose At Button Stitch.
  -Spot On Button.

10. Defects in Shoulder to Shoulder Back Tape of garments:   
  -Lop uneven at back tape.
  -Not Middle at back tape top stitch.
  -Broken stitch at back tape.
  -Drop stitch at back Tape.
  -Raw edge at back Tape.
  -Spot On Back Tape.                                        

11. Others Defect Point in Garments:
  -Running shade On Fabrics.
  -Yarn Contaminated On Fabrics.
  -Crease / Dia mark On Garments.
  -Back part Front part shade.
  -Slanted at V point.
  -Raw Edge at bottom.
  -Raw edge at sleeve hem.
  -Up Down at loop.
  -Displace at GSM  Hi-Low.
  -Ties Up –Down.
  -Uncut Thread.
  -Shading at Thread.

11. PC / Trim Card Follow:
  -Bulk Production time M/B follow this PC Card.
  -Fabric Color Check.
  -Thread Color Check.
  -Care, Main & Size label Check.
  -Twill Tape Check.
  -Mobilon tape Check.

12. Machine Adjustment:
  -Bulk Production time all machine S/B Adjust.
  -Machine Adjustments is the main subject make your good Garments.
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Garments defects and production procedure...........................

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