Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Procedure for measure color fastness to dry & wet rubbing

                  Sample size → 20cm × 7.5cm
                  Load → 9N ± 5%
                   Time   → 10 sec.
                   No of rotation / turns → 10
                   Crock fabric → 5cm   × 5cm
                   Temp     →       20°C ± 2
                   RH        →      65%± 2
Ø      At first fabric is cut as per requirement.
Ø      The fabric is set on the sample holder with pin.
Ø      The crock fabric is set on the finger with the help of clip.
Ø      The m/c is set to “O”.
Ø      To rub (to & fro) is given within 10 sec.
Ø      Evolution is done with the help of grey scale for staining or Data color or spectrophotometer
The amount of color transferred from the specimen to crocking cloth can be estimated by means of chromites scale/ grey scale for staining.

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